Our services

Air, Water and other Environmental Media Quality Assessment and Monitoring

Provide both short term and continuous air and water quality measurements and monitoring systems to support characterization, prediction, impact mitigation, compliance and remediation activities.

Baseline Study

Undertake baseline studies for reference documentation of the environmental conditions of the site prior to operation or acquisition. The study documents the history of the site and immediate surrounding areas as it pertains to local hydrogeology, potential contamination sources on and off site, and potential human health and/or environmental receptors.

Coastal Resource Management Planning

An integrated approach to establish environmentally sound and sustainable development of coastal areas.

Ecological Planning and Design

Technical assistance in the “greening” of municipal plans, watershed/sub-watershed plans, site selection of waste disposal facilities, site specific plans of subdivisions, and golf courses

Environmental Impact Assessment

Conduct environmental impact studies for roads, pipelines, waste management facilities, manufacturing properties, power plants, and other infrastructure projects

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Assist in establishing EMS (ISO 14001:2015)  in order to rationalize and maximize company resources, meeting the OTPs and prevent future pollution-causing activities.

Health and Safety Management Systems

Conduct pre-assessment audits to review existing health and safety management systems.

Undertake workplace environmental monitoring on behalf of clients both for regulatory compliance and internal health and safety management program.

Hydrogeological and Geotechnical Investigations

Conduct hydrogeological studies, including aquifer testing, well field design, groundwater modeling, and water balance assessment

Undertake geotechnical and engineering geological studies, such as foundation analysis, slope stability, and geo-hazard assessment.

Route and Site Selection and Impact Statements

Provide a combination of social, cultural, economic, and natural science studies to help locate or assess the planned position of facilities and infrastructure

Site Assessments / Audits Including Screening / Phase I & II

Provide services for environmental audits and site assessments of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential sites.

Technical Report Review

Undertake critical review of technical reports on the above disciplines generated by third party professionals.

Conduct 3rd party assurance on sustainability reports.

Waste Management Planning, Design, and Implementation

Provide an integrated service dealing with all aspects of waste management from the planning of systems to the site selection, design, operations, and eventual closure and abandonment of facilities.

Remediation Strategies and Clean-up Feasibility Studies

Provide remedial design, strategy recommendations, and project planning and management for site clean-ups and decommissioning.

Remediation Activities

Conduct remediation activities in contaminated sites and facilities to reach allowable environmental levels through accepted technological and innovative engineering processes.

Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Use of advanced information technologies that can be used by decision makers to derive solutions to environment and resources problems.